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Vipps numbers:

Against Malaria Foundation: 631524
Development Media International: 631528
Family Empowerment Media: 631531
Policy Entrepreneurship Network: 631532
Sightsavers: 631527
Suvita: 631529
Global Health Focus Days 2020
20-21 October
Tuesday, October 20th
Webinar - Michal Trzesimiech
Seminar - Terje EIkemo
Webinar - Ana Tabacaru
Webinar - Paul Richard Fife
Panel talk
Wednesday, October 21st
Seminar - Jørgen Rinvold Ljønes
Seminar - Øystein Samnøen
Seminar - Anna Christina Thorsheim
Webinar - Rob Mather
Webinar - Aida Alonzo
Webinar - Varsha Venugopal
Panel talk
Meet some of our speakers!
Rob Mather
Founder and CEO of Against Malaria Foundation
Rob's business background is in strategy consulting, event management and publishing. He studied at Cambridge University (chemical engineering) and has an MBA from Harvard.
He loves all sports and actively participates in running, cycling, skiing and mountain climbing.
Aida Alonzo
Project development officer at Development media international
Aida studied Psychology and Philosophy at the University of Oxford and has extensive volunteer experience in Ecuador and the UK. She joined DMI from Pepal, an NGO focused on public health in developing countries, where she spent two years working on projects in Uganda, Tanzania and Myanmar.
Paul Richard Fife
Director of Norad
The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad) is a directorate under the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Norad works to ensure effective foreign aid, with quality assurance and evaluation. Norad finances NGOs and does its own research and projects.
Terje Eikmo
Terje Andreas Eikemo is a professor of Sociology at the department of Sociology and Political Science, at NTNU. He is the leader of the Centre for Global Health Inequalities Research (CHAIN) at NTNU, which aims at monitoring, explaining and reducing inequalities in health in all world regions together with partners in academia, policy, practice and the private sector.
Øystein Samnøen
Country Director of Sightsavers Norway
Øystein will join us from Sightsavers Norway to talk about innovation. Sightsavers is an international non-governmental organisation that works with partners in developing countries to treat and prevent avoidable blindness, and promote equality for people with visual impairments and other disabilities.
Eirin Evjen
Executive Director of Effective Altruism Norway
Eirin has a master's degree in technology and science studies, with a specialisation in artificial intelligence policy. She is currently working as the executive director of Effective Altruism Norway and is a part of the norweigan council for digital ethics (NORDE).
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